Kid Food

If it were up to me, there would be no children’s menus.

Separate “adult” and “kid” meals feed a message that certain foods are meant to be eaten by kids while others are just for adults. When really most food is meant to be eaten by people. Period. Not specific ages. After all, that’s how things were for hundreds of years before food companies realized that children were a great money-making target.

At home when kids are served separate meals from their parents it de-constructs the good ‘ole family meal. Kids mimic behavior, so when you make them their own food it takes away a learning opportunity to watch your eating habits and to try new food.

There are some refined tastes that I don’t expect a 4 year old’s palette to accept, but if you serve macaroni and ketchup every night, how do you except your kids to ever try pasta cacio e pepe (fancy way of saying pasta with cheese and black pepper). Get where this is going? One meal for everyone = adventurous taste buds.

It feels good to let that out.


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