Kids In The Kitchen: Fun Cookin’ Gear

If the food itself isn’t doing the trick, entice kids into the kitchen using these whacky gadgets. They are made for kids, but is it wrong if I want them for myself (hint hint, my birthday’s coming up soon, well kinda…)?

They are a perfect gift for the holidays or for the next kid’s birthday party you go to. There is a high likelihood that the child you are purchasing for will have the lego, video game, or that new arts and crafts, but will they have a pair of woodpecker poultry shears? I think not.

Check out some of the goods by the Animal House line at Boston Warehouse. They were featured on a flash sale site, but you can also buy them at Boston Warehouse website. Thank my friend D for sending this our way.

If you don’t have kids, I bet you have a lil niece, nephew, cousin, sista, brother, god child, kid of a friend that should have a birthday coming up one of these days.

Too good not to blog about. I wish you a weekend full of fruits + veggies.


2 thoughts on “Kids In The Kitchen: Fun Cookin’ Gear

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