Welcome 2012 + Return Home + Little Bites Updates

Happy 2012! 

Right now I am en-route from Israel back to NYC. And what a loyal blogger am I, sitting at the gate posting. I am  5+ lbs heavier after eating my weight in hummus, rugelach (I told you I eat cookies), and the freshest produce. Here are some visuals of my trip:

Yum. Fresh cheese at the shuk (main market in Jerusalem). Thanks to my Sis-in-law, we were granted much too many samples, including pesto-and chocolate flavored cheese. I’m not one for jazzed-up cheese – the simple sharp cheddar was my favorite.

Firm lookin’ green beans make a nutritionist happy.

Now, for the most delicious part of the trip – my nieces and nephews, who play the crucial role of my lil’ nutrition students:                                                                        

Eating falafel

No food/nutrition relevance, he’s just too cute not to include

A highlight from my trip was a baking session. Using a car cake pan from Williams Sonoma we made and decorated car cakes. You can use any simple white cake recipe; try to substitute at least half the flour with whole wheat flour, especially in this case when the cakes are more about the fun than taste. The kids had a lot of fun decorating their cars (though I didn’t have cleaning up. Warning: decorating gets messy). Due to lack of advanced planning and supply readiness, we had to settle for some sub-optimal decorating tools. But, next time I want to use some fresh fruit to jazz up the colors of the car.


Now Onto Updates: 

1. To visit, you can now just go to Littlebitesnutrition.com. No more .wordpress.com.

2. Stay tuned for some website updates – both in layout and content. I appreciate all feedback, so don’t be shy.

3. If you like drinking, but want to learn how to do so more nutritiously, come to my SkillShare class: A Nutritionist Guide to Boozing (And Some Classier Cocktails).  January 18th@ 7:30 pm. Mixology included.


Healthful Giving: Holiday Gift Guide

It’s holiday gift giving time. This year, give your kids, parents, siblings, spouse, nieces/nephews, boss, co-workers, friends, teachers a healthy gift. A healthy gift is a gift that keeps on giving. So corny, yet so true.

1. Active Gear. For kids think a new ball, bat, cleats, jump rope, bike, scooter, snowboard or even Wii dance and other active games. For adults try sneakers, sporting goods, work out attire, yoga mat, pedometer, hiking gear, ear warmers for running. Don’t want to get that personal? A gift card to a sporting good store will do.

2. Get Moving. Purchase some classes at the new yoga or dance studio that opened in your ‘hood or try a gym membership. Better yet, buy a package of classes that you can split between you and your gift-ee to go together. And to those who like winter sports, a ski lift ticket is a sure win. For an adventurous friend try a trapeze or aerial yoga class.

3. Learn. Search online for local culinary schools/centers to purchase public classes (maybe one to attend together). Whole Foods on Bowery in NYC has some parent/adult-child cooking classes. The Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC has a ton of healthy cooking classes.

4. Stay Hydrated. There are tons of cool (PBA-free) water bottles to help kids and adults stay hydrated during sports, school and work. Helping the environment isn’t a bad thing either. My two favorites are :

Vapur “Anti-Bottles” 

They’re re-usable, foldable, washable (dishwasher safe) and only about $10.

Bobble Water Bottle

They have a built in filter to purify tap water. And, they come in fun colors.

5. Cookbook.  Can’t go wrong with a healthy cookbook from Ellie Krieger or a subscription to EatingWell magazine. There are also a couple of cookbooks for kids.

6. Sprout. Indoor gardening kits for kids are great, especially for those who don’t have yards. I started a small make-shift “garden” in my NYC apartment, which I will update you on at a later date. But, I sprouted a black bean! It brought me back to elementary school when I had to do sprout a bean at home.

7.Tea Of The Month Club. No further explanation needed.

8.Artisan Ingredients. Try a really nice olive oil and vinegar set or a spice rack with fresh spices.

9. Kitchen Gear. For a little gift, look for a small kitchen gadgets. For a bigger gift, think a set of pans, coffee maker, mixer, or blender to make fresh smoothies. A lot of the flash-sale websites, like GiltGroup.com and OneKingsLane.com, have good deals on great quality kitchenware. For kids, think fun cooking gadgets or a monogramed apron to make your lil’ guy feel like a chef.  WilliamSonoma.com has a lot of really cute kid’s kitchen gear, though it’s a bit pricey. Check out personalized kid’s Star Wars aprons and Star Wars spatula.

 10. Assortments. Instead of chocolate, candy and chocolate covered popcorn, send an assortment of fancy nuts or dried fruit. 

And yes, this post was a scheme to publish my wishlist :-)

Kids In The Kitchen: Fun Cookin’ Gear

If the food itself isn’t doing the trick, entice kids into the kitchen using these whacky gadgets. They are made for kids, but is it wrong if I want them for myself (hint hint, my birthday’s coming up soon, well kinda…)?

They are a perfect gift for the holidays or for the next kid’s birthday party you go to. There is a high likelihood that the child you are purchasing for will have the lego, video game, or that new arts and crafts, but will they have a pair of woodpecker poultry shears? I think not.

Check out some of the goods by the Animal House line at Boston Warehouse. They were featured on a flash sale site Fab.com, but you can also buy them at Boston Warehouse website. Thank my friend D for sending this our way.

If you don’t have kids, I bet you have a lil niece, nephew, cousin, sista, brother, god child, kid of a friend that should have a birthday coming up one of these days.

Too good not to blog about. I wish you a weekend full of fruits + veggies.

Don’t Eat Their Candy

Uh-oh, take a look at what happens when you tell your kids you ate their halloween candy:

If only that was their reaction when you tell them you ate the fruit bowl. A girl nutritionist can only dream…

And to those mamas who are concerned about the Trick or Treats, most kids I know are too excited by how big their pile of candy is that they can’t bring themselves to eat (shrink) it.