Eat to Learn. Learn to Eat. Do Tell All.

I thought my blog’s tag-line fit the part until I received some questions from some good to-remain-name-less pals about the line’s meaning. So, I guess I got some explainin’ to do.

If I could send only one message to the world (what, that’s too ambitious?) or at the very least to my readers it would be: to EAT.  Eating is a tool to learn indulgence, health, culture, science, math, restraint and discipline… the list is endless.

People (especially the lil guys) need to eat to learn about both themselves and food.

I see parents who expect, and are therefore disappointed, that their kids won’t willingly drop their bag of chips. But many of these kids weren’t given an opportunity to appreciate good food. Get kids involved in preparing, tasting and eating food to gain an awareness to what they put into their mouths.  And chances are an awareness to food will organically bud some healthier decisions down the road.

We must eat to learn so we can learn to eat.