Healthful Giving: Holiday Gift Guide

It’s holiday gift giving time. This year, give your kids, parents, siblings, spouse, nieces/nephews, boss, co-workers, friends, teachers a healthy gift. A healthy gift is a gift that keeps on giving. So corny, yet so true.

1. Active Gear. For kids think a new ball, bat, cleats, jump rope, bike, scooter, snowboard or even Wii dance and other active games. For adults try sneakers, sporting goods, work out attire, yoga mat, pedometer, hiking gear, ear warmers for running. Don’t want to get that personal? A gift card to a sporting good store will do.

2. Get Moving. Purchase some classes at the new yoga or dance studio that opened in your ‘hood or try a gym membership. Better yet, buy a package of classes that you can split between you and your gift-ee to go together. And to those who like winter sports, a ski lift ticket is a sure win. For an adventurous friend try a trapeze or aerial yoga class.

3. Learn. Search online for local culinary schools/centers to purchase public classes (maybe one to attend together). Whole Foods on Bowery in NYC has some parent/adult-child cooking classes. The Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC has a ton of healthy cooking classes.

4. Stay Hydrated. There are tons of cool (PBA-free) water bottles to help kids and adults stay hydrated during sports, school and work. Helping the environment isn’t a bad thing either. My two favorites are :

Vapur “Anti-Bottles” 

They’re re-usable, foldable, washable (dishwasher safe) and only about $10.

Bobble Water Bottle

They have a built in filter to purify tap water. And, they come in fun colors.

5. Cookbook.  Can’t go wrong with a healthy cookbook from Ellie Krieger or a subscription to EatingWell magazine. There are also a couple of cookbooks for kids.

6. Sprout. Indoor gardening kits for kids are great, especially for those who don’t have yards. I started a small make-shift “garden” in my NYC apartment, which I will update you on at a later date. But, I sprouted a black bean! It brought me back to elementary school when I had to do sprout a bean at home.

7.Tea Of The Month Club. No further explanation needed.

8.Artisan Ingredients. Try a really nice olive oil and vinegar set or a spice rack with fresh spices.

9. Kitchen Gear. For a little gift, look for a small kitchen gadgets. For a bigger gift, think a set of pans, coffee maker, mixer, or blender to make fresh smoothies. A lot of the flash-sale websites, like and, have good deals on great quality kitchenware. For kids, think fun cooking gadgets or a monogramed apron to make your lil’ guy feel like a chef. has a lot of really cute kid’s kitchen gear, though it’s a bit pricey. Check out personalized kid’s Star Wars aprons and Star Wars spatula.

 10. Assortments. Instead of chocolate, candy and chocolate covered popcorn, send an assortment of fancy nuts or dried fruit. 

And yes, this post was a scheme to publish my wishlist :-)